Trinity Homes will coordinate every aspect of your kitchen and bathroom remodel with outstanding customer service and quality workmanship. We provide our clients with all of the home remodeling services they need to achieve the remodel project of their dreams. Design is the first step of a successful interior remodel. Our team will outline a space as indicated by your wants and needs. We offer an extensive expert consultation with regards to renovating your home or adding an option to it. From kitchen to bathroom remodeling services to closets and garages, we’ve got you covered!

We guarantee a timely and accurate finished project and also a wonderful customer experience. As your kitchen and bath remodel company, we are dedicated to providing the best service to our local community. We guarantee your newly completed remodel will be durable and the best quality. If anything comes up, we’re a phone call away.

Every project is built to last and backed up. We make sure that the plans are checked and rechecked before we make the first cuts, or order the first component. We know what to expect with your renovation project and our experience helps us adapt to any hurdles that a project may throw at us.
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Room Additions

Room additions can be a great investment, but shouldn’t be a great time investment. We go to all lengths to help you complete your vision. So you’ve made the decision, you have a growing need for a home extension or making time for that master bathroom addition you’ve always wanted. The good news is, you’re in the right place.

A living room addition can provide more space and functionality for a growing family. Maybe converting a garage into a formal dining room or your master bedroom into a master suite with extra space? Dreams can become reality and those dreams start with a phone call. One room addition can drastically transform your home. The possibilities are truly endless.

Our Process:
There are many things to consider when tackling a home addition. That’s why we create a plan to make sure you get exactly what you want no matter your investment level. We consider all aspects when building out your additional space, from cabinets to electrical and from trim work to fresh paint.

From initial ideas to the design of the floor plan and construction, we operate with transparency. No hesitation or grey area, that’s a guarantee. We have years of construction experience and a growing list of satisfied customers that agree.

So why go with Trinity Homes for your remodel addition needs? We are a premier remodeling company and specialize in home and room additions. As your home extension contractors, we handle every step of the process from design to final walk through and keep you informed every inch of the way.

New Construction

Looking at building your dream home from the ground up? At Trinity Homes Idaho, our professionals will help turn your dream into a reality! We’ll work with you from beginning to end; starting with the initial design all the way to completion!

Looking for a unique home that offers many features? Not sure where to start? We offer design meetings to start that process for layout and components, and a full set of plans for your approval to proceed.
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ADU - Accessory Dwelling Unit
An ADU is simple, it’s small living space on the same grounds as your regular home, or sometimes even attached to your home. There’s several different types of ADUs, you can have an apartment over your garage, a tiny house in your backyard on a foundation, or a basement apartment. There are great benefits to having an ADU. Having one will increase the value of your home, plus, you’ll have a separate space to relax, have family members stay in, etc. Or, if you’re in need of some extra income, you could rent it out.

With Trinity Homes Idaho, we have the skills and knowledge to add an ADU to your property the right way. We take pride in making sure we have the right licenses and permissions to get building. We’ll also make sure it’s built how you like it and keep you informed throughout the process!
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The Process

So you want to add on to your house or remodel a room in your home? The first step to accomplishing this goal is to design your dream space. Our experts will work with you to draw up plans for the initial design. This will help all of us be on the same page for what you’re wanting.

Once we have our design drawn up, it’s time to decide on the materials you’d like us to use. Flooring, walls, doors, windows, etc. 

Once we have the initial design and know what materials we will need; we’ll create a timeline and schedule for when you can expect certain aspects of the project to be complete. 

After we are all in agreement on the design, materials and timeline; the fun begins and we get to work building your dream space! We will always double check everything up to this point, before we start anything. 

Congratulations! Your new space is complete! It’s time for you to see your new room or remodeled room for the final inspection! Making sure the space is exactly how you pictured it!